Review: Snackosaur Box

My weekend started on a healthy note as I received my Snackosaur Trial Box.

Snackosaur promises to provide you some great combinations of healthy & yummy snacks, that’s delivered to your doorstep!

Well I was very curious to know more about them because after holidays I can feel the guilt in me…as I know I have sinned a lot!

Who counts calories during festivities & holidays…. Not me!

Before the box arrived, I checked their website for more details here
All the details with the required FAQs are updated on their website.

Lets talk about the packaging first.


The packaging was strong & sealed enough to keep the snacks intact.


The box consisted of five snacks:
1. Roasted Edamame.
2. Dried Fruit Mix.
3. Almond Prune Oat Granola Bar.
4. Salted Broadbeans.
5. Divinutty.

Along with these snacks I also recieved the description of what’s in my box:


So it became a lot easier for me to understand what am I going to add to my health.

Each snack was well packed & tasted fresh.
I loved the Granola bar(it’s not very sweetened but a power pack for instant energy) & Dried fruit mix(a combo of sweet & tangy taste), these are no doubt my favourites from the box.

There are two boxes that you can order from Snackosaur:

Regular Box & Trail Box( screenshots from the website)



I’m happy with the pricing as quality is assured along with each box.

As these snacks are well dried, it becomes easy to carry to work, school, college or just munch at home.

So when hunger strikes the next time, you may say- Snackosaur!! 🙂


  1. Charandeep Singh · · Reply

    Nice and knowledgeable Write up . This will help all who follow this 🙂


    1. Thanks for reading:)


  2. Too Crisp & To the Point! Extremely Neat and Presentation and the Flow is Amazing! Content serves the purpose and makes it interesting! All the best Gal for More!! 😉


    1. Thanks a lot:)


  3. Snackosaur must be healthier option for snacks between meals! Thanks for sharing Shweta:)


    1. Thanks for your valuable comment Aditi:)


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