The most important relationship…


Every relationship in our lives plays an important role, but the most striking is the one that we share with ourselves.
This relationship can totally make or break you! Yes, as no one knows the real you better than yourself.
We may hide our weaknesses & strengths to the world but the eternal rendezvous with our own self is so unfolded. That’s why I consider this as the most powerful relationship of all.


No matter how big the problem is, the solution lies in YOU! Sometimes we need not to look for someone to become our bridge, we have the hidden keys within for every locked room.
Mistakes just makes us all a better & stronger version of ourselves. So never be afraid to make one.


Rediscovering yourself is also an art. Regain the new you if you feel its lost somewhere in the hussle of life. My personal experience says, a happy soul is the most effective cure!


Sometimes I want to believe that there’s nothing right or wrong, just surround yourself with whatever makes you happy. Remember your mood effects your surroundings & that energy is going to reflect in whatever you do.
No one is perfect, we all have flaws. The key is to respect yourself.
Have the courage to walk alone & unlock all the doors of challenges because there is nothing more powerful than “YOU”.
Regardless the situation, never have a break up with this relationship, it isn’t easy, but it’s worth it!


  1. nice one! yes, relationship with one’s self is perhaps, the most important and everlasting one.

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    1. Absolutely! I agree πŸ™‚ thanks πŸ™‚

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