Fuller Eyebrows: The Hottest trend for 2015!

Eyebrows – such a defining facial feature, that can make or break the looks like nothing else!

When it comes to eyebrows, everyone has their own choices. But the latest and the hottest trend for the year is the ever gorgeous fuller or thicker brows.

Sadly many of us often neglect brows during the makeup.  I was no exception, I personally never bothered about my brows, and was only conscious during its shaping/threading at the salon.
But once I started giving attention to it, I realised how it can change my whole look!

I never felt comfortable filling my brows as it used to look so harsh (as naturally I have black thick brows) and so made up.

There’s always a fix when it comes to makeup! No, it’s not about following what any beauty guru says, but experimenting with the products is the key.

I’m going to share few tips and tricks that helped me a lot to achieve that natural looking yet thicker brows.

1) Have naturally black eyebrows?
Always use a shade lighter to your natural brow colour.
Like in my case I use brown eyebrow pencil/powder to fill my brows, to avoid the over bold look.
There are days when I run out of the brown one and use the classic Lakme Kajal for the same. While doing so go with very light and soft strokes.

2) Have naturally brown eyebrows?
You can use a black brow pencil/powder to fill in. It would give the face a gorgeous dimension.

3) Fill the brows Vertically.
Start filling the brows in the direction of hair growth to give it more natural look.

4)Blending is the key!
This is the most important part, no matter which product you use, if you fail blending it, it would look like made up and artificial.
So after filling in the brows(in the gaps and extending till you feel happy about it) with the product, do blend it with a brush or with finger (as I prefer).
Blend till the bold sketched lines get invisible.

5) Don’t Overdo it!
The best person to judge whether your brows are perfect or not, is you. When you feel it’s done just stop right there.. Remember less is more.
Also, never try to make both the brows look alike: they should look like sisters not twins!


Fuller eyebrows also gives you a fresh and natural look and yes it adds youthfulness to the whole. Try it to feel the difference.

Remember stay happy to look beautiful inside out ☺


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