Everyday Natural Looking Makeup For Men!

The power of makeup can not only transform a face but adds lot of confidence to the whole persona!
I always used to wonder why some men feel awkward or stay away from even using some basic makeup products? May be because they think it’s going to look made up!

Makeup that’s been done right and subtle to men doesn’t take away the masculine facial features but adds sharpness and covers up the flaws giving a natural fresh look.


Here I’m going to talk about the same. Few tips and tricks for men, to adapt that quick natural everyday makeup routine.

1) Don’t stick to any rule book!
Whenever we start something really new, we always tend to google things, follow certain rule book to achieve that perfection!
But not in this case. Ofcourse stick to the makeup basics, learn its purpose, but please understand that this process doesn’t require a prefect result.
Unless you experiment and play with the products, make mistakes, you’re not going to achieve the desired look. Also remember, just because a certain product works best on your friend that doesn’t mean it’s going to have the same effect on you! So try and experience different brands to choose the one suits you the best.

2) Prep your skin!
Before you even begin applying any makeup let your skin get prepared for the process to achieve best results.

Cleansing – First thing, choose a face wash that suits your skin type.
If it’s mildly granulated go for it as it will also scrub your skin gently removing the excess oil or dirt.

Toning – Dedicate another minute to spray some rose water to your clean face. This will add freshness and tone your skin.

Moisturising – Pick a moisturiser that contains SPF 15 and above, apply evenly on the face and neck.
Few minutes of massage everyday will do wonders on improving the skin texture.

3) Have Acne/blemishes/Dark Circles? Go for a Concealer!
When you’re shopping for concealer, make sure you test it on your inner wrist veins and choose the one that naturally covers them.
Apply it under the eyes with the ring finger very gently and don’t rub the product, just dab it evenly till it blends.

Cover the acne if any, with minimum product and dab it till blends well.
Remember we arn’t trying to make the acne, blemishes or dark circles go invisible or disappear but trying to make it less visible.

4) Foundation/BB creams : You can always replace the use of foundation with a good BB cream if you find the coverage decent enough. Unlike foundation, BB creams take a good care of many skin problems as well, improving the skin’s texture.

For foundation, dilute it with a moisturizer and apply to avoid the heavy makeup look.
Make sure these products are as close as to your skin tone, even a shade lighter/darker product can break your look.

5) Set it with powder!
Just to set the makeup, apply loose powder (that’s as close as to your skin tone) on the face and neck .

6) Fill your brows!
Yes, it may take some time for you to adapt this look but this step would change and sharpen your face like never before!


I have already written a detailed blog on the same. To know more about it click here: How to fill eyebrows -Fuller brows

7) Less is more!
This is like “The Makeup Formula” to remember. Whatever products you’re applying should be used as less as possible to avoid your face looking heavy with cakey makeup.

8) Remove the makeup!
This is the key step to maintain a healthy skin. End of the day, do remember to clean your face and remove every bit of your makeup.
To do so you can choose a makeup remover or olive oil. Finish it off by applying moisturiser.

Always keep a chapstick or a lip balm handy with you to keep your lips crack-free. Almost all the major brands have the clear or transparent lip balms suitable for men.

Let your skin breathe and repair itself during the night.Ā 

Makeup for me is the way to feel happy, confident and regardless the gender, it enhances the beauty of a person. So guys it’s time to rediscover yourself with a hint of makeup!

Never forget to compliment your look with the most precious smile you own. ā˜ŗ


  1. This is a really great and fresh post to see! Have you seen the youtuber gossmakeupartist? He is brilliant at doing both female and male makeup

    Check my beauty blog https://blondewaves.wordpress.com xxx


    1. Your blog is truly gorgeous šŸ™‚

      Gonna check the YouTube channel asap! Thanks for sharing.

      Glad you liked my post:)

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  2. parsahiya · · Reply

    Very interesting and helpful article for Mens. I should follow these steps šŸ™‚


  3. Your Friend · · Reply

    Your command over the language and the content is exceptional. This would be very interesting and helpful for men who always shy away from making up their looks. If each step is followed as written, i am sure it will enhance looks as well as the confidence. Well done. Kudos šŸ‘


  4. Pawan Kumar Jaiswal · · Reply

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    1. Thank you Pawan :*

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        anytime šŸ™‚

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