How to make your hair grow faster naturally: Curly Hair!

“Curly hair don’t grow fast!” – yes, this is what I heard all my life. Being a curly hair girl, I was never happy with my hairstyles since childhood, was always on a compromise mode.
My mom had lustrous very long, almost straight hair and I always used to think, why God!! Why me? Why don’t I have hair like my mom? How can I grow my hair long?
These questions were an integral part of my growing up and there came a time in my life that I was so messed up with my curls that I gave up and went for permanent straightening for four consecutive years!
I quite didn’t like the poky straight hair, looked so unnatural at times, but I was happy that I was owning manageable hair that I always desired.
Gradually after a period, I started missing those curls and so wanted to get back to my natural hair and give myself a chance. So I didn’t go for rebonding of my hair the fifth year and started experimenting products to maintain my natural hair.
It wasn’t easy, but the journey was worth it!
Here are few steps that I followed and worked brilliantly, to my surprise I had waist length hair within few months!

Step 1: Nourish your hair the natural way!
Regardless your hair type and texture, this step is a must do. Our hair requires the right nourishment to grow longer and stronger.

Why not go the simple, natural way?

Oils – We all have tried this. But just oiling your hair once a week doesn’t help if you are looking forward to that long hair picture!


Oil the hair tips everyday.  Whenever you feel the dryness just take few drops of Coconut/Olive oil rub it in your palms and apply.
Nourish your roots twice a week and leave the oil overnight for best results.

2) Less Shampoo, More conditioner !
Curly hair is prone to frizz, so use shampoo limited to the scalp and very thin application of shampoo to the rest of the strands, just to get rid of the dirt.

Conditioner on the other hand is like a best friend to curls. It calms the curls and redefines it giving a manageable texture. Curls don’t weigh down so easily, so choose a scalp friendly conditioner to avoid frizz completely.

Co-wash : Co-washing is short for “conditioner-only washing.” In this process you skip shampoo and just use conditioner, whether you’re a daily or a weekly washer. This for sure helped me reducing frizz to a greater extent.

3) No to Brushes, Yes to Wide-tooth Comb!
This wide-tooth comb is best and the only replacement for the brushes which are complete no to curly hair. Wet or dry this comb won’t let you down.


This French designer comb is no doubt my Saviour that detangles without much ado!

4) Detangle the right way!
Though I have heard so many experts saying don’t comb the curly hair often but what I realised is, combing every time before sleep always help, preventing hair fall.
Ofcourse during the day for work or school/college if you want to retain the curl’s definition then just let it be straight from the shower. You can run your fingers gently to detangle. But make sure you comb your hair before bed time with a Wide-tooth comb starting from the hair tip moving upwards towards the roots.

5) Braid is your best friend!
Before you go to sleep just these two formulas – Detangling + Braiding, accelerates the process of growing your hair long naturally!
The main benefits of braiding is almost zero tangling, split ends, hair breakage.
Many girls tie a bun, but it didn’t quite work for me. May be because I’m one of those who doesn’t sleep at one proper position. Ultimately resulting in loosened bun and more of tangles.

6) Hide your heat styling tools and forget them!
Most of us are used to (I was addicted) to the styling tools, but do we know that during the process of growing your hair long this can effect so badly and slower down the process!


Everyone wants shiny, bouncy, commercial-worthy hair and this quench takes us a step closer to hot tools like driers, curling irons and flat irons. These heat tools damages the delicate hair strand resulting in frizz and breakage. Ultimately the health of your hair is completely damaged.
I found the best way to overcome this was by keeping all these tools out of the sight. If it’s not in the sight, it’s not in the mind! Just pack them and settle it down somewhere you can’t see and reach easily.
I completely stopped using these. Yes it’s difficult, but not impossible.

7) Say No To Trimming!
Until you have severe split ends please don’t even think about trimming your ends. It’s completely wrong to believe that no trimming is equals to no hair growth.


At least till you reach the desired length, stay away from the scissors! Let it grow!

So lovelies, hope these steps will help you the way it did help me. ☺ and I learned that with the natural way even curly hair grow really fast!

Most importantly, eat healthy, stay hydrated and happy to be ‘that girl with gorgeous hair‘ 💕

Love and Luck!
Shweta 🙂

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