Some colour splash this Summer/Spring! #MustHaves

Hi Everyone 🙂

Summer is here and what’s best than adding some bright colour accessories to make the best out of the summer look!

So I shopped few stuffs from Jealous 21 store last weekend and thought of sharing with you all.

Just a year back I was a complete neutral colour lover, but once I started experimenting with colours, it just brighten the whole look and above all it gives me that happy feeling from within. ☺

Lemme show you guys what’s in my Jealous 21 bag.


The store has some awesome collection when it comes to ear studs, these cute studs were so eye catching that I couldn’t resist buying them.
Bright yellow and pink ones are so perfect for a sunny day out.


I picked few classic black and silver ear rings too for perfect night outs.


It’s been really long that I bought a statement necklace and picking a pink one was so different of what I usually buy! But this neckpiece just stole my heart, as they say, there’s nothing called as too much of pink!


A subtle, simple yet very feminine necklace was my next favourite pick in the list.


My inclination towards black metal when it came to statement jewellery was so strong that all these years I never picked anything else.
But after buying this gorgeous ring I realised what I was missing!


Bought some bright hair accessories
too! Time for some colour treat for my curls ☺


It’s summer time and there’s always a need for hair bands to style up. So I picked this head band that’s close to my black metal obsession 😁


So guys that was my summer bright 🔆 colour shopping experience. Do let me know what you bought recently and remember the best way for a summer/spring makeover is to experiment with more and more colours.

Till next time, stay happy and beautiful!

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