Review : Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream- The next generation of hair oils!

Hi Everyone 🙂

Being a curly hair girl I’m always looking up for hair products that works great. So when I received the Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream, I was way too eager to try this product that sounded so different and cool!
With the summer and increasing humidity, curls have the tendency to become too frizzy and not easy at all to manage. Mine wasn’t any exception. I was desperately looking out for a hair product that could help me maintain my hair.

First Impression:

The bright color packaging is Garnier’s signature style and I love that! Easy to spot in a handbag or on a messy dressing table (like I have most of the times ;))


We all know the benefits of oiling the hair on a regular basis. But there are days when you really feel the need of oiling your hair still don’t want to have that greasy oily hair look. To the rescue comes this product! You can now nourish still have the grease free hair look.
This product is formulated with the goodness of three hair oil:
Coconut oil + Almond oil + Olive oil, in a light cream texture for intense nourishment and non sticky texture.


It’s not at all flowy like oil in it’s natural form but very thick and melts away without leaving sticky residue and doesn’t weigh your hair down making your hair look bouncy and full of life!


It has that Garnier’s signature smell that’s really refreshing.

How to Use:

Whenever I encounter a new product, I always try to find out its maximum and multiple uses. I use this Oil-In-Cream in the following ways:

1) Before wash: Applying it on the scalp and the hair length before wash for the instant oiling benefits.

2) After wash (as a leave in conditioner): This is what impressed me the most! I loved it, it truly helps to keep the hair more manageable. I apply it only on the ends of my hair.

3) Overnight massage cream: Since it binds so well with the hair strands it best to have left as a overnight hair mask and the best part you don’t have to worry about spoiling your pillow covers.😁

4) Detangling Cream: It actually works great in this case of tangled hair. Reduces the fight between the comb and stubborn tangles!

5) Tames down the unwanted flyaways: Wanna settle down those weird looking bang or new grown tiny hair strands? Try this, it’s worth it!

6) Eyebrow Cream: I also use it as a brow cream to settle down the flyaways and to shape up the brow hair in one direction and it works great that way!

Result:  I’m using this product since a week and I must say I’m highly impressed as it worked for me, more than my expectations.


Final Verdict:

With it’s multipurpose uses and instant positive result makes it a must have hair care product.
Since it retails for just Rs.60 also makes it so affordable and a go to product.
It’s no doubt my favourite Garnier Fructis product.👍

Do let me know if you have any plans of buying Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream or share your experiences if you’re already using it. I would love to know 🙂

Till next time, stay happy to look beautiful inside out ☺

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