Combat allergies in a natural way: My journey!

“Allergy” is such a confusing word! It’s diagnosis is as difficult as it’s cure. I had no idea about it until I became a confused patient myself.


My journey of being highly prone allergic to least allergic began when I moved from my hometown to Bangalore for higher studies. The first few months in the city were amazing. I used to enjoy the weather and the whole atmosphere. Gradually I noticed that I’m falling sick too often with sore throat, cold and dry cough. I used to feel better till the medication continued, but soon after the medication stopped, I again fell into the same cycle after an indefinite break. For many months the same continued, until my situation became really out of control. I changed so many doctors in between the process of finding out what was wrong with me, but finally my doctor told me that I’m basically allergic to the unstable climate of Bangalore. As whenever I travelled out of the city I was alright with no such symptoms. Doctors even suggested me to leave the city, but practically it was impossible for me. I even developed wheezing, which was the most difficult part of the situation to tackle with. I even tried Ayurvedic medicines but nothing completely helped me for longer period of time.
Almost when I was about to give up, I started researching more on my conditions. I said to myself, why not give another try of changing my lifestyle. To my surprise within few weeks I could see tremendous positive changes which the even the medicines couldn’t bring to effect. I didn’t do something extraordinary but bought some little simple changes that made a huge difference.


These tips worked for me big time to combat allergies :

1) Morning Routine: As soon as I wake up I take a glass of warm water and mix a tablespoon of honey and drink it as the first drink of the day. I don’t add lime juice to it because it would just add up to my sore throat problem.
I also drink green tea as my daily pre-breakfast drink.


I adopted the habit of having breakfast on time and never ever skipping it.

2) More physical activities: Simple efforts like taking long walks, not sitting for long, avoiding lift and taking stairs helped me lot.

3) Afternoon routine: Taking more fibres for lunch. Good and healthy proportion of green vegetables (basically anything green and vibrant in colour). Power naps always help, so take some if possible.

4) Limited Diary Products: I stay away from the milk intake as it used to increase the wheezing tendency. Yes, I eat paneer (cottage cheese) in a very limited quantity, say once a month. But if it doesn’t bother your allergies go in with it and include it in your meals. It’s also very much essential.

5) Strictly saying NO to Sweets: This was the most difficult thing to do for me. But I was left with no choice. When your allergies disturbing and driving you crazy, it’s better to just avoid sweetened food/desserts. It somehow increases the issues, especially the cough followed by wheezing. But gradually when you develop some immunity, you can always munch those chocolates and treat yourself once in a while. ☺

6) Fruits Intake: Once I increased the intake of seasonal organic fruits, I instantly felt the stronger me. Atleast 2-3 servings of fruits will definitely help lot.

7) No to oil fried food and carbonated drinks: The worst thing that you can do to yourself is eating those deep fried fast food and drinking carbonated drinks during allergy problems. Staying away from these will only decrease your allergies. Once you feel that your allergies have come down, you can have your cheat days! 😁

8) Night Routine: Keep your dinner as simple and light as possible. Like a soup with some salad should do. The lighter the dinner, the better you are going to feel. Stay hydrated.
Sleeping as early as possible is another important key to let your body heal itself. Remember there’s nothing that a good night sleep can’t heal (though being addicted to social media, I’m still working on this!).


9) Stay happy and away from stress: Believe it or not but my personal experience is witness to this, that if you can psychologically control your emotions and not get hyper, it regulates your allergies too!
Learn to ignore negativity and live with a positive note, say to yourself everyday – “I’m alright and I feel healthy”. Believe in your words and breathe in optimism.

10) Protect yourself from pollution: Buy some anti pollution mask to avoid the intake of harmful chemical gases on the road or when stuck in a traffic jam.

To be honest there’s no particular way to cure an allergy. To each, it’s own. It’s all about changing your lifestyle for better, that’s what I learnt from my experience.
Today I feel a lot better. If a change can bring a difference to your health and bring down your medical bills, then why not adopt it asap!

Hope my experience helps, till next time stay happy and healthy. ☺


  1. I have allergies too that caused my festoon eyebags. I sneeze everyday and get colds which gets annoying especially when Im in a quiet place. I always make sure to stay away from pollution and dusty places too. Great tips that I could use. 🙂

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    1. I exactly know where you coming from! Have been in the same shoes 😦 I’m glad you liked my post. ☺ Also followed your blog for more awesomeness 👍

      Liked by 1 person

  2. so glad to see you writing on wide range of topics & not restricting yourself to a particular one,keep up the good work 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Manish, you’re always so encouraging 🙂


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