My Life Online! (Part – I)

Few years ago, I could have never imagined myself writing a blog or being so active and alive on my Twitter and much later on Instagram account. I was so very away from the digital world, too busy in my real life dealing with multiple challenges.

The Online Friendship :

I explored these social media sites with no intentions of being there. I always used to limit myself when it came to framing an online life and I had no idea why! Yeah that sounds weird. But anyways, so one fine day I too joined Twitter like million others and to my surprise it was more than I could have ever imagined. That again proved me that having preconceived notion about anything makes no sense. Before I could know, I was addicted to twitter contests  and made some really cool friends! Yes friends! That was the least expected thing that happened to me from my online life. Met some really cool people who are beautiful inside out. Learning so much from them. Today I can say that my online friends are equally or may be more important than my real life ones. Because online friendship requires lots of everyday efforts and it’s not easy to maintain a healthy relationship with someone you don’t see physically but can feel the warmth with your constant efforts.


So never fail to interact and earn precious friendships.

Feeling the Energies:

It’s unbelievably strange how you can feel the energy out of a person you never met in real life but with their choice of words and actions, you can easily feel their energy!


Ofcourse there are both positive and negative crowd online, being a very optimistic person myself, I bonded very quickly with many more like me. I was happy to meet many like minded people. I feel lucky to have met them. People walk in and sometimes go away, but leave behind many beautiful memories.
It’s very important to filter your choices online on a daily basis.
The only way to stay away from the negativity is to avoid those who try to spread negative vibes on your way. My online life helps me to stay motivated throughout because of the circle I chose to be in.

Meet the Haters: Haters are everywhere. You can’t make everyone happy and some will for sure react to you in such a way that it hurts. But the most important word here, that’s a saviour is : “Ignore”.


Also it’s very easy to become one of the haters in the process, sometimes unknowingly. This mainly happens when you try to compare your life with those glittery bits of someone else’s life. I always remind myself of the blessings I have and then the feeling of being content with what I have is priceless!
It’s easy to write mean things or thumbs down someone’s creativity but it takes a true and clean soul to appreciate someone and encourage them to rise and shine.🔆

Striking the balance: This is the most difficult part of my online life! I remember few weeks back about almost a month ago, I completely avoided blogging because of a ligament tear I suffered with, during an accident. I so wanted to bounce back but somehow I was taking “rest period” too seriously prescribed by my doctor. 😁 Or may be I just can’t do things because I have to, but I wanna accomplish them because I want to.

One of my online friends Pooja Jain shared her experience how she strikes a balance between online and real life by prioritising and organising the choices. I’m still trying to learn this and hope I succeed in this art someday. ☺


Distraction is good: I entered the online world when I really wanted something to take me away me from worrying and over thinking. Never thought that distraction can so positively effect one’s life. It just refilled me with the level of confidence and energy I was lacking that moment of my life. I think it’s all about how and what you choose from the ocean of online possibilities and adding those flavours in your real life with some glitters of happiness.☺


This distraction helped me to focus and hope this journey continues.

Till next time stay happy and try to Logout sometime! 😄


  1. Perfect This is just so true 🙂 Amazing Write up Shweta 🙂 waiting for part 2

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    1. Thank you so much for always being so supportive 🙂


  2. Itsmine · · Reply

    I like everything in the post but I dislike your view on defining “haters” & other description about haters,.If some1 is opposing you with valid reason then its the awesome thing.I always love haters only when they have valid reason to hate me .! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree, disliking something with a valid reason is always welcome even with me.
      I’m glad that you liked the post:)

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  3. This was amazingly true. 😀
    Defines every addict’s life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😀 Glad you liked!

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  4. A great post !! Logout is really the hardest button to click 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah 😀 thanks for stopping by 🙂

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      1. You’re welcome ! 🙂

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