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When the grass is green on both sides!

Hello dear friends, Ever thought of your wishlist? I tried to create mine. I was surprised to see that my list wasn’t long as I expected before jotting it down. It’s not because I have accomplished most of the things in life but I realised that at this stage of my life I know my […]

Body Detox: 7 days challenge (Juice Fasting)!

Hi Friends, I mentioned a lifestyle change that I have been going through, in my earlier post & that’s exactly I’m gonna talk about it today. I can’t say that my diet was good with irregular intervals of food intake (mostly not having any meal on time), only 5-10% of fruits & vegetables, carbonated drinks, […]

Review : Maybelline EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner.

Hello friends, It’s been a week long gap that I have visited the blogosphere with an ease! Sometimes a lifestyle change can take a toll on you & that’s exactly what’s happening with me. But the good news is that I’m back! 🙂 So today I’m going to review MNY EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner […]

Bollywood couple Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemu celebrate their Timeless Love, courtesy Helios!

The premium watch retailer played cupid for the newly married Bollywood couple with a surprise drone! Here’s how Helios helps Kunal plan an amazing surprise for his wife Soha in Bangalore. Surprised the living day lights off Soha! Helios – the Watch Store, the premium watch retail chain by Titan Company, helped Kunal surprise the […]

Quote Challenge 2- Day 3!

‘Belief’ can change things around! If you believe that miracles could happen in your life, sooner or later you will witness one. A big thanks to Ashish Kumar for nominating me for this fabulous challenge. I’m nominating everyone of you who read this, so that everyone can take an opportunity to explore some good, life […]

Quote Challenge2- Day2!

If you can affect someone’s life positively, by any means like kind & encouraging words, sponsoring someone’s education, helping someone for no reason, feeding the homeless….. You achieve the greatest thing in life- PEACE! Live a life that you can be proud of. Thanks to my friend Ashish Kumar for nominating me:) My nominations for […]

When Violence Begins At Home!

“He belts her”, “She is scared to voice her opinion because he gets violent with her”, “He is very short tempered especially with his wife”……I was shocked….totally numb…… actually speechless during this conversation. Seriously, I had no idea how to react about it. It’s not that I was listening about domestic violence for the first […]

Quote Challenge 2- Day1!

I love this challenge to the core & I realised it when I was nominated again for it, but this time it’s by my very creative friend Ashish Kumar who owns a fabulous blog which showcases his deep thoughts on various aspects of life. You must visit his blog, if you haven’t yet. Also, a […]