Natural moisturiser | How to take good skincare naturally in winters? | My winter skincare routine with Almond oil!

Hi there!

I’m writing in this genre after so long but it feels so good to share my natural skin care routine during winters.

As we all know winter is a very tricky season to play and experiment with different & new skin-care products, so I prefer following the routine as natural as possible.

As much as I love winter, I just can’t ignore the fact that rough and dry skin is the by-products of this season. To combat this I never forget to use my mother’s way of using the wonder oil – Almond Oil!

Why Almond oil?

Because of its non-sticky texture & it gets absorbed faster without blocking skin pores.

It has Vitamins A, B and E that are essential to keep your skin, young and supple.

It surely enriches complexion and preserve glow.

Regular application of almond oil reduces skin irritation and body rashes.

It delays the signs of skin ageing like wrinkles and fine lines etc.

Almond Oil helps to lighten the Dark Circles And Puffy Eyes.

Who doesn’t like to grow their Eyelashes Big And Flirty, to do so apply almond oil with earbuds to your lash line every night before you go to sleep!

Almond oil works great as Hand And Foot Cream.

When mixed with some sugar & honey Almond Oil works great as Lip scrubber and balm.

Will the regular application of Almond Oil make my skin oily and pimple/acne prone?

The answer is NO!

Your skin is absolutely safe till you apply a very minimal amount of the oil. Even if you have pimples/acne already, it won’t increase with a few drops of this oil. Instead it will help relive your skin from many of its existing problems.

So now you know why I call Almond Oil as the wonder oil! You can use any good brand of Almond Oil that’s easily available in the market. Till last year I have used Dabur brand’s and this year I am using an Ayurvedic Indian brand called Patanjali’s Almond Oil. I’m happy with this product till now.

Take a good care of the beautiful you this winter and yes happy holidays in advance to all of you!

Lots of love, xx 😘



  1. So happy to see you back

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    1. Thank you, my sweetheart 🤗

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  2. Hey I needed this very badly

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    1. Glad this helped 🙂


      1. Yet to follow the remedy


      2. Lemme know if it worked for you!


      3. Sure….I would share the link o my followers and friends if it will work

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        Do follow the link of my post from another blog site

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  3. Such an informative post, Shweta. I use almond oil for my hair but I have never thought of using it for my skin. I have dry skin and the winter makes it worse. Will be using almond oil for my skin as well 🙂

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    1. Sure Shamira use it and I’m sure it will do wonder to your flawless skin! Thanks for liking the post 😘

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  4. Frank H Johnson · · Reply

    Thank you Shweta. I have been struggling with dry skin, rash, and terrible itching. Do you think this product may be of help to me? -Frank

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    1. Hi Frank, this will definitely help you! Also, Try to drink as much as water possible. Let me know if this could be of any help… take care.


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