Is being sensitive bad?

Many instances I have found myself reacting normally but my ‘normal’ isn’t what I find commonly around. Sometimes I can’t even stop my tears when I watch something overwhelming.

So is it a bad thing? Is it a sign of weakness?

But how can something be bad when you’re just being yourself? Emotions are meant to be expressed and not kept within. I was raised with the values to be empathetic and expressive. This never changed with my age and circumstances in life. I can’t cage my feelings. It’s the only impossible task for me.

Isn’t this way the world should function? Especially when tough times like these of pandamic hits us, what we require is just being human and nothing else.

Also, being sensitive reminds you that you have a heart of flesh that bleeds when you witness misery and pain. So how this can be a negative trait? What’s unacceptable is having a heart of stone and reacting only to one’s convinience and advantages.

So next time you feel like crying, just let your tears roll. They signify your existence. An existence of a heart that beats just not to survive but to live.

Be proud of yourself that you’re still sensitive in this world where humanity is going extinct. Never let others judge you on the basis of how you feel. They don’t leave their pattern, so why should you?

Love yourself, you’re special. ❤️

Also, Keep smiling. This shall too pass.


  1. Such a beautiful and important message! 🙌✨💕


    1. Thank you 😊 Stay safe!

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      1. You too! 💕


  2. I think it is normal as anything else to cry when one feels overwhelmed with emotions. To judge or censor ourselves for that isn’t the best thing to do.

    Welcome back to WP. 🙂

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    1. Yes true that. Thank you for your welcoming words. 😍

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  3. That’s a lovely message to put out there, Shweta! And you’re absolutely right about how it shouldn’t acceptable that we have a heart of stone and react only to our conveniences which I personally think I’m guilty of doing. This put things into perspective.
    You’re beautiful, btw :’)

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    1. Thanks for the compliment and connect here:) Can’t wait to follow your blog and explore your posts! Have a gorgeous Wednesday 😊😘

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      1. Will do :’) Thank you so much, you have a great week ahead!

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