An Amateur’s guide: How to cut your own hair?

This was the most awaited thing in my wish- list to cut my own hair someday. Also, during this lockdown, I guess this is the most googled thing! Every-time I went to the salon for a trim, before I could understand what my stylist is intending to do, my hair length was gone! Ask any girl, curly or straight, it takes years of patience to get the desired length. No matter how much I explained the hairstylists, they could never get what I wanted.

I remember how a year back I started cutting my own bangs for the same reason. Trust me it was the most satisfying thing ever! I mean, I know my hair well more than anybody so it always made sense to me to cut it off my way.

But trimming the whole hair looked like a challenge for me in the beginning. Also since I have curls naturally, so I really didn’t know how to shape them up all by myself.

So here’s how it all began. I started YouTubing the same just to get the best and the worst tips, to gain the most and never attempt the rest. There’s the most popular “unicorn haircuttutorials on YouTube that will guide you how to attempt it all by yourself. I found it attainable.

One thing was very clear in my head that I wanted to play safe because once I cut it all off, there’s no going back again! Until I wait again for years together to let my hair grow & trust me nobody wanna be there.

So always remember, the golden rule here that less is more.

I also noticed that many of the people have tried the unicorn haircut in dry hair but according to my research it’s best to cut the hair when its wet enough. Then you can see the definition of the cutting and your hair will behave in the direction you want during the process. So go for a wash and then proceed.

Now the next thing is your weapon should be in place, that’s the scissor! Ideally you should have the specific hair cutting scissors but since I didn’t have any and there were no chances of ordering one during the lockdown, so I used the regular scissor at home. Just make sure the scissor should be sharp and not blunt to avoid any failure.

With curly hair the chances of goofing up is very rare and it takes a lot & I mean a LOT to mess up the process so no need to get very nervous, just follow the process of the unicorn cutting. If you have straight hair then the chances of finding the not-so-neat strands after the cut are more. So be extra conscious.

Curly or straight, the only thing you need to take care is cut the least amount of hair at first. Then once you feel good about it, you can go for shorter. I trimmed off an inch or so of my length and I was quite happy and did not feel like going further short.

Just an inch off the length and my curls are much more bouncy and healthy! The haircut was worth it 😍

The video that I followed was this one :

You can choose any other video according to your hair type and watch it, learn it and go for it!

Love and luck to you if you’re ready to be your own stylist! 👍🏼

Do lemme know how you’re managing your hair during these times? Share your experiences and I can’t wait to read those.


  1. Once upon a time I decided to cut my bangs….it’s ends horribly! 🤦🏼‍♀️ you are beautiful!

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    1. Oh I’m sorry to hear that, but these things happen when we take action in our own hands …thank you for the compliment 😌

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  2. I’ve never been to a salon. I just grew my hair about midway down my back, put it on a ponytail and whacked it off…much to the chagrin of my family…but it seemed that a few months later it was long again.
    Now…I just wad it up in a messy bun. 🥴

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    1. You’re brave and I can so relate to you! I have always wanted long hair but often I get bored and go for a cut! Also, messy bun can be very stylish too 😍

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  3. Stephanie · · Reply

    I nominate you for the Sunshine Blogger Award
    Find out more about it here:
    Thank you and have a wonderful day Ms Shweta!

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    1. Thank you Stephanie 😊


      1. Stephanie · ·

        You’re welcome! Stay amazing!

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    2. I tried commenting on your post dear but I’m not sure wether it went well! Do lemme know 🙂


      1. Stephanie · ·

        Oh I will check! Thank you for informing me (=

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