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A Thank You Note!

Dear Friends, I was super happy day before yesterday, waking up to this notification, it was a true bliss: I received 200 follows! 🎊 For me this is not just a number but I feel lucky & blessed to stay connected with 200+ AWESOME bloggers & readers.  😇 😇 😇 This post is dedicated as […]

When Good Unexpected Things Happen…!

Hello Friends, This is nothing like my usual posts… A quick write-up just to share something really good with you all 🙂 I’m featured in today’s The Economic Times! Appreciation means a lot to me, sometimes it values more than the gratification. It just gives you the much needed drive to double up your honesty, […]

Thank You!

I’m super excited & happy to share this news with you all that I’m now connected with 100+ fabulous bloggers! Yaay 😀                         Thank you:) When I started my blog, I had no idea that I’ll get an opportunity to interact with so many encouraging & very kind bloggers around the globe. Now it’s so […]