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Not even death!

When the sun goes down, & my fear rises, your bold voice still echoes… rediscovering the strength in me! When the insecurities starts dissolving my dreams, the fragrance of your hug… secures everything! When the world looks down at me, & I can’t rise, your powerful words… creates a new world for me! Nothing can […]

A Life without you…

Every breathe I take… every time I blink, everyday that I live, I remember you. With an incomplete existence… with dreams so faded, with a direction less path, I remember you. Never imagined one… still living, still going ahead, still searching, a life without you.

Every night!

Every night, the silent blue sky, consumed my thoughts.. The wind that passed by, heard my unspoken words.. Every night! The darkness surrounding, saw the light in me, defining the undefined… Every Night! Those twinkling stars up there, reminded me of the freedom, That I want to freeze… Every night!

She knew she could fly!

She saw the sun rising, batting her long, curled lashes. Opened her arms & embraced the wind, Like she was there to conquer the world & sing. She knew she could fly, Really high…. like the bird sunny. She turned back to open up her caged feathers… but couldn’t…even with another try! She directed her […]