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When Violence Begins At Home!

“He belts her”, “She is scared to voice her opinion because he gets violent with her”, “He is very short tempered especially with his wife”……I was shocked….totally numb…… actually speechless during this conversation. Seriously, I had no idea how to react about it. It’s not that I was listening about domestic violence for the first […]

My Life Online! (Part – I)

Few years ago, I could have never imagined myself writing a blog or being so active and alive on my Twitter and much later on Instagram account. I was so very away from the digital world, too busy in my real life dealing with multiple challenges. The Online Friendship : I explored these social media […]

The most important relationship…

Every relationship in our lives plays an important role, but the most striking is the one that we share with ourselves. This relationship can totally make or break you! Yes, as no one knows the real you better than yourself. We may hide our weaknesses & strengths to the world but the eternal rendezvous with […]