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My Top 3 favourite YouTube channels to keep you sane this lockdown!

When somebody asks me how’s my day going, these days, I have no definite answer because no matter what I do keep myself put together, things don’t fall into places as I would like them to. This is one such lockdown side-effects I guess. One thing in common we all have these days is time. […]

Body Detox: 7 days challenge (Juice Fasting)!

Hi Friends, I mentioned a lifestyle change that I have been going through, in my earlier post & that’s exactly I’m gonna talk about it today. I can’t say that my diet was good with irregular intervals of food intake (mostly not having any meal on time), only 5-10% of fruits & vegetables, carbonated drinks, […]

Review: Snackosaur Box

My weekend started on a healthy note as I received my Snackosaur Trial Box. Snackosaur promises to provide you some great combinations of healthy & yummy snacks, that’s delivered to your doorstep! Well I was very curious to know more about them because after holidays I can feel the guilt in me…as I know I […]