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Quote Challenge 2- Day 3!

‘Belief’ can change things around! If you believe that miracles could happen in your life, sooner or later you will witness one. A big thanks to Ashish Kumar for nominating me for this fabulous challenge. I’m nominating everyone of you who read this, so that everyone can take an opportunity to explore some good, life […]

Quote Challenge2- Day2!

If you can affect someone’s life positively, by any means like kind & encouraging words, sponsoring someone’s education, helping someone for no reason, feeding the homeless….. You achieve the greatest thing in life- PEACE! Live a life that you can be proud of. Thanks to my friend Ashish Kumar for nominating me:) My nominations for […]

Post a quote challenge: Day-2!

Happy Sunday Friends, To be honest I’m loving this challenge because it’s a great way to share the quotes, I believe in. Today’s quote is: I believe it’s okay to be different and live on your own t&c because we have got only one life to live. So live your life the way you want […]