#Review: Biostrand Basic Program Hamper and #Giveaway Launch! #Biostrand #BioHealthyhair

Hi Guys,

This is going to be a very special addition to my blog as I’m not only going to review an international brand but also launching my first giveaway.
The Biostrand team from Chicago, IL  sent me these two sample hampers to use and share my experience with you all.


Before we get into the details, let me introduce you all to this fabulous brand-
Biostrand that believes in building hair from the inside out.
They have this easy to use Basic Program for all hair types!
This 5 step Basic Program promises to maintain the proper pH level, moisture and protein thus help minimize breakage.
This formula basically focuses to increase your hair and scalp exposure to Oxygen, moisture and nutrients.
For more information on the brand click on Biostrand

Let me introduce the products in the hamper:

The first two products are sulfate free and that’s a big thumbs up👍 because sulfate-harboring shampoo often strips hair of its essential, natural oils and even strips away pigmentation from dyed hair. Sadly sulfate is so commonly present in most of the brands we use every day.
In short benefits of using sulfate free shampoo are:
a) Reduces the chances of developing scalp irritation/inflammation.
b) Increases moisture retention within the hair.
c) Improves and retains the hair’s natural oils.
d) Retains hair color in dyed hair for longer period of time.
e) Prevents the scalp from absorbing harmful chemicals.

1) TOXICLENZ– Detox Shampoo (Sulfate free)


This smells like some medical composition. I quite didn’t like it’s smell. The best part is the smell doesn’t stay on your hair after rinsing it off.
It’s a clear solution, quite flowy.
This detox shampoo didn’t lather much but yes I felt my clean scalp with just one wash. It’s like a detox step to prep your hair for cleansing.

2) CLINSME – Normal Shampoo (Sulfate free)


It has a pleasant floral smell. The texture is quite flowy just like how a shampoo should be.
This shampoo also lathers up well to give you that squeaky clean feel.

3) CORTEPHX – Conditioner


It has strong fruity smell with a very heavy and thick texture.

This step is the time consuming one. But as they say “No pain, no gain”, so let’s get into the details.
Unlike the other conditioners, this is safe for the scalp application too.
Application time:
Coarse/damaged hair- 45 min
Medium/normal hair- 25 min
Fine/thin hair- 15 min
Rinse it well only when it becomes non-visible.
I kept this conditioner for 25 min and let me tell you guys this didn’t make my hair cotton soft at the first wash but I could feel the calm curls. And yes this also added shine and definition to my curls.
But after two washes I could feel the difference and my hair turned to be quite manageable and very soft.



This has very mild fruity smell.
The texture is very light and easily spreadable, small amount goes a long way!
This is basically to be used as the heat protection product while styling.
This too helped me big time in detangling and can be used everyday.

This smells very mild floral fragrance.
The texture looks and feels light almost disappears from the palm after the application. Gels well with every hair strand.


But when I saw the bottle I said to myself -this is too less for my thick hair!
But to my surprise a very little dab covers up the long hair strands too leaving it shinier with a very natural look.
It truly works as a polish to the whole experience.
It gives you a finished look that’s shiny not oily!

The hamper comes along with a “How to use” guide, this makes the designed program very self explanatory.


Results: After three washes:



This Basic 5 step program is very effective. Don’t expect the results in just after the very first wash as its like a healing process.

Within the three washes I could feel the improvised strength of my hair, more manageable and decreased breakage.

So if you’re a guy who is experiencing a bald patch or thinning of hair, or a girl who is in the process of growing her hair long or maintaining it strong then this is a must try!

I personally would prefer this hamper rather than time consuming spa treatments.

The bottles have wide openings that always ensure less product wastage.

Great customer care support from the Biostrand team.


The smell of the products could have been improved.

Time consuming process.

How to purchase?

You can visit the website – Biostrand to order your hamper. They do ship worldwide.
There is a google translator selection on the top of the home screen for another language.

The Giveaway :

So guys the much awaited moment is here! I’m going to giveaway the extra hamper that the Biostrand team sent and one lucky winner could win this!

This giveaway is opened only for Indian citizens.

There are few simple rules that you need to follow in order to enter this giveaway:

1) Follow @twbiostrand Biostrand Twitter Handle and @Bollywoodarian My Twitter Handle .

2) Follow on Instagram-
Instagram Biostrand USA: @Biostrand
Instagram Biostrand India: @biostrand_for_hair

3) Answer this simple question –

What is your formula for healthy hair?

Would love to know your hair routine and hair care ideas.

Multiple answers are allowed.
To increase your chances of winning invite your friends too.

Leave your answer in the comment section below and on the twitter for multiple entries using both of these hashtags –  #Biostrand #BioHealthyhair to make it count as a valid entry.

4) This giveaway contest is open till Friday (20th March 2015) and one lucky winner will be announced afterwards.

So good luck guys and thanks a lot for all your love and support!


  1. Farhana · · Reply

    Nice Review ..I Loved You Hair After Usage ..

    My Formula For Healthy Hair :

    First And Most Important One Is To Eat Healthy Food .
    I Use Mild Shampoo And Conditoner For Better Results
    Applying Home Made Egg Pack Every Week
    And Well I Don’t Like To Oiling My Hair But My Grand Ma Forcefully Applies Oil i.e.., Mixture Of Olive And Coconut OIl .It Keeps My Hair Moistured …

    As My Hair Is Damaged And Dry .I Need To Pamper It Lot

    Congrats And Thanks For Your First Giveaway ..


    1. That’s a great hair routine Farhana! Glad you liked the review 🙂
      Good luck!


  2. Charandeep Singh · · Reply

    Congratulations to Ms Shweta for bringing up her First Giveaway and to Team BIOSTRAND to coming to India which is one of the Biggest market for these products

    As Always Ms Shweta is at her best, Taking every Bit of her knowledge and expertise for reviewing this product for its in depth details .

    i my self is bit impressed by both , BIOSTRAND and Shweta . BIOSTRAND for coming up with such an effective mix of products to take care for our hairs. And Shweta for giving her expert view on these product with such an ease and doing it practically for all of us .

    Thank you and wish you both the best in this field .

    Now for the COntest Answer:
    I being a Sikh guy need to take care of my Hair same as all ladies around .
    Due to Tieing of turban always i have to wash my Hair at short intervals so that they stay fresh and dun get stinky because of sweat .
    To keep my hair health i wash them at short intervals,
    Use the shampoo and conditioner of the same brand,
    while applying both shampoo and conditioner need to give time and dun wash it off in a hurry . the more it stays the better the hair stays

    this is the way i try to keep my Hair Healthy

    Thank you for this opportunity and Congratulations to Ms Shweta and BIOSTRAND Again 🙂


    1. That’s amazing tips for guys- Not to be in hurry when it comes to hair care routine 🙂
      So glad that you like the products and the review. Good luck!


  3. Ruchi Punamia · · Reply

    Hey.. Shweta.. Thnx for such an awesome giveaway..
    Congratulations.. On ur 1st such endeavor..
    N wish u all the best wishes in the world.. For many more wonderful years for ur blog n career..
    May u flourish loads with the blessings of the Almighty..

    N abt the review.. #Biostrand #BioHealthyhair..
    It’s simply awesome..
    Would Loovvee to make the hamper mine.. N will try mybbest to do so..
    Thnx again..


    1. Thanks Ruchi for your kind wishes. Happy to know that you loved the review.
      Kindly read the Rule 3 and answer the question to make your entry valid.
      Keep up the enthusiasm, good luck!


  4. Harmeet Kaur · · Reply

    Congratulations Shweta and BIOSTRAND

    Superb , i dont think any one can write this good for reviewing a product . YOu had done a tremendous Job Shweta Kudos to you and your In depth Knowledge

    That’s a good review. Loved the products.

    I moisturise my hair everyday and apply hair mask at intervals.
    Thats the little secret of My hairs and i bet when i use BIOSTRAND products my Hair will be Better than what they are .

    Thank you


    1. Thanks a lot for those lovely feedback.
      Good luck! 🙂


  5. Aditi Kapur · · Reply

    Hi Shweta,

    First of all, Congratulations on your first giveaway! Collaboration between You and #Biostrand #BioHealthyhair is the best thing to have happened:)

    My hair needs extra attention as they’re quite difficult to manage, bit dry and tangled. I follow Oil+Shampoo+Conditioner regime for my hair, skipping any of them proves to be hazardous;)
    As a special treatment, I oil my hair overnight atleast once a week and use best shampoo and conditioner available to pamper them! I know my hair love this as they bounce with the shine of confidence after this:)
    Congratulations once again. Hope to win this awesome hamper from #Biostrand

    #Biostrand #BioHealthyhair


    1. Thanks Aditi for your wishes 🙂
      Lovely to know your formula for healthy hair.
      Good luck!


  6. Jagjit Kaur · · Reply

    Congratulations Shweta for this brilliant Write up and To BioStrand for Coming to INDIA

    Being of an Old Age i take Extra care of My Hairs, i use oil regularly as my hair are dry , i use Shampoo and conditioner of Same brand and when i apply them i give it extra time so it gets mixed at right places .
    I even use Egg Some times on my hair to keep them healthy.

    Thank you for this nice write up it is really useful and now on i will be access your blog more often as it is very knowledgeable

    Thank you Shweta And BioStrand


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