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Quick Closet Makeover through Online Shopping! 

 I’m not a big fan of the word “makeover”. It sounds like there is something inherently wrong. But sometimes, our wardrobes need a major haul. A mix of  some new pieces, a good closet edit or a little bit of both can make lot of difference.  You know those days when you feel over or […]

Soulful Sunday Edition|Donate hair for cancer patients|How to donate hair|How I donated my hair! 

Hello all 🙂  Hope you are enjoying your Sunday. I’m back with a special edition of the Soulful Sunday. Just a week back I posted this pic on my Instagram & Twitter account, the reaction that I received was truly overwhelming!  This post was not at all on my to-do-list but those comments and so many […]

Quote Challenge 2- Day1!

I love this challenge to the core & I realised it when I was nominated again for it, but this time it’s by my very creative friend Ashish Kumar who owns a fabulous blog which showcases his deep thoughts on various aspects of life. You must visit his blog, if you haven’t yet. Also, a […]


Everyday Natural Looking Makeup For Men!

The power of makeup can not only transform a face but adds lot of confidence to the whole persona! I always used to wonder why some men feel awkward or stay away from even using some basic makeup products? May be because they think it’s going to look made up! Makeup that’s been done right […]

Fuller Eyebrows: The Hottest trend for 2015!

Eyebrows – such a defining facial feature, that can make or break the looks like nothing else! When it comes to eyebrows, everyone has their own choices. But the latest and the hottest trend for the year is the ever gorgeous fuller or thicker brows. Sadly many of us often neglect brows during the makeup.  […]

Winner Announcement : #Biostrand Hamper #giveaway

First of all, I would like to thank you for all the love and support! Guys this giveaway wouldn’t have been so successful without your positive push! Please don’t be disappointed if you didn’t win this time, as many more giveaways are lined up for the future. ☺ Now the much awaited moment is here! […]